August 3rd, 2010

A Chronology of Afterblight Britain



1. School’s Out by Scott Andrews



2. ‘The Man Who Would Not Be King’ by Scott Andrews (short story included in Broken Arrow by Paul Kane)



3. Operation Motherland by Scott Andrews



4. Arrowhead by Paul Kane



5. The Culled by Simon Spurrier (takes place simultaneously with Children’s Crusade)



6. Children’s Crusade by Scott Andrews (takes place simultaneously with The Culled)



7. ‘Servitor’ by Paul Kane (short story published in DeathRay # 21, Oct/Nov 2009)



8. Broken Arrow by Paul Kane






9. ‘Perfect Presents’ by Paul Kane (short story published on the Abaddon site for Christmas 2009)




10. ‘Signs and Portents’ by Paul Kane (short story included in Children’s Crusade)



11. Arrowland by Paul Kane




12. Flaming Arrow by Paul Kane


Flaming Arrow Large



For a chronology of the whole of the Afterblight saga, visit the Abaddon site here

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