The Afterblight Chronicles

August 3rd, 2010

The Afterblight Chronicles: The Culled

By Simon Spurrier

Published: Aug, 2006

ISBN: 1-905437-01-3

The Blight arose from nowhere.

It swept across the bickering nations like the End of Times and spared only those with a single fortuitous blood type. As the numbers thinned and societies crumbled, the survivors picked their way between silent streets and looked out on the squalid new order… and reconsidered their good fortune.

Hotheaded religion and territorial savagery rule the cities now. Somewhere amidst the chaos a damaged man receives a signal, and with it the tiniest flicker of hope. The chance to rediscover the humanity he lost, long ago, in the blood and filth and horror of the Cull.

The Afterblight Chronicles: Kill or Cure

By Rebecca Levene

Published: Apr, 2006

ISBN: 978-1-905437-32-0

Jasmine has spent five years underground, locked in a secret government bunker with no one but the skeletons of her colleagues for company.

Outside, the world has gone to hell, a mysterious virus killing all but 1 in 20 of the world’s population.

It’s enough to drive anyone mad ­ but Jasmine’s crazier than most. The cure she was working on had an unexpected side effect, psychotic symptoms which only the most powerful drugs can suppress. Jasmine’s rescuers, the pirate rulers of the new Caribbean, don’t care ­ they need her help to discover what it is that has turned the inhabitants of Cuba into rabid killers who experience neither fear nor pain. Jasmine’s quest to find a cure for this new plague, as well as for her own barely suppressed madness, draws her across the fractured continent of America and into the darkest recesses of her own past.

The Afterblight Chronicles: School’s Out

By Scott Andrews

Published: Sep, 2007

ISBN: 978-1-905437-40-5

‘After the world died we all sort of drifted back to school. After all, where else was there for us to go?’

It’s never easy being fifteen, but when your teachers are killing each other, the prefect who loves to bully you is experimenting with crucifixion, and the rival gang from across town have decided that ritualistic cannibalism is the way to go, spots and BO don’t seem like such big problems after all.

These are the final days of St Marks School For Boys, and the punishment for disobedience is death!

The Afterblight Chronicles: Dawn Over Doomsday

By Jaspre Bark

Published: May 2008

ISBN: 978-1-905437-62-7

As America lies bleeding, Native American Chief Hiamovi seeks to unite his people into a single nation capable of reclaiming the US from the white man.

His growing army is on a collision course with cult leader Samuel Colt, who intends to put the country back in the iron grip of the once mighty Neo Clergy. The two men are set for a showdown at Little Bighorn, once site of Custer’s legendary last stand, now a twisted, nuclear landscape.

The fate of the battle may just be decided by Anna Bontraeger, a former sex slave from Pennsylvania, rescued from a brothel by rogue scientist Matthew Greaves and taken on a perilous road trip across a devastated continent. Greaves and his small band have to get Anna to Little Bighorn before Colt or Hiamovi, so she can unlock the secrets which will save what remains of humanity and bring about a new dawn over doomsday.

The Afterblight Chronicles: Operation Motherland

By Scott Andrews

Published: May, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-906735-04-3

“I celebrated my sixteenth birthday by crashing a plane, fighting for my life and facing execution. Again.”

Lee Keegan travels to Iraq on the trail of his missing father, only to find himself caught between desperate rebels and a general who wants to strap him into an electric chair. In England, Jane Crowther, one time matron of St Mark’s School for Boys, attracts the wrong kind of attention and has to fight to protect her new school from unlikely enemies. And in a bunker underneath Washington, a madman issues orders that will tip two devastated countries into total war.

This is the first year of St Mark’s School for Boys and Girls. It will be a miracle if it sees a second!

* (Note: Operation Motherland features a cameo appearance from De Falaise, plus mention of The Tsar)

The Afterblight Chronicles: Death Got No Mercy

By Al Ewing

Published: Sep, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-906735-15-9

One man against an entire city of maniacs!

This ain’t a complicated story, but then Cade wasn’t a complicated man. He didn’t exactly care about people, did Cade, but if one of the people he almost cared about was in trouble, he’d help out if he could. If that meant heading down to San Francisco – even though nobody ever came back from there alive – well, fine. If that meant taking on whole armies of religious maniacs, coupon-clipping cannibals and helter-skelter hippies who dealt out free love and fast death in equal measure, armed with nothing but his two fists and a decent hunting knife well, I’m kind of runnin’ my mouth here.

This ain’t a peaceful story, is what I’m tryin’ to say. And Cade… Cade wasn’t a peaceful man.

The Afterblight Chronicles: Children’s Crusade

By Scott Andrews

Published: May 2010

ISBN: 978-1906735531

The orphaned children of post-Cull Britain have always been easy prey for gangs, cults and killers. But now something has changed.

Organised teams are roaming the country, taking children from their homes and villages, spiriting them away into the night.

Jane Crowther is willing to risk everything to rescue them, but to save the children Jane must confront the woman she used to be, and the man who killed her.

This is the third and final year of St Mark’s school for Boys and Girls. But it’s not going down without a fight!

* (Note: Children’s Crusade features an appearance from Robert and has two Rangers in key roles in the book)

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